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What is cancer screening?


Cancer screening is a way in which doctors check for some forms of cancer in the body.


When is Cancer Screening done?


The goal of cancer screening is to find those cancers that can be found as early as possible, before a person has any symptoms.Cancer screening is done when a person feels healthy not when the disease appears.


Why should I have cancer screening? 


The best chances of curing a cancer is when it is in a pre-cancerous stage. Screening helps to detect this stage so that intervention can be sought and pain avoided.




What age should I begin cancer screening? How often should I be screened?



The age and tests required for each cancer is different.The age to begin the screening also depends upon "risk factors"



Which cancers can people be screened for?



Breast cancer 

Colon cancer

Cervical cancer

Prostate cancer 

Lung cancer 

Ovarian cancer